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Food Safe Paint Spraying & Coatings London, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester

Our company provides and applies a range of specialist food-safe paint coating services across the UK and regularly undertake specialist contracts in London, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and across the UK.

Work carried out in the food industry needs to comply with rigorous health and safety guidelines. Both the Department of Agriculture within the UK and the WHO (World Health Organisation) provide information on the importance of the prevention of the spread of bacteria, such as E.Coli and other germs.

To help your business prevent risks like these Riolett Industrial Coatings can provide with a range of solutions, helping you to meet the required standards of the food industry with ease.

Riolett Industrial Coatings we understand the clients' individual needs, and the best way that we as a company can show this is through the professional products and services that we supply. Our company policy includes the following standards so that we can maintain these high expectations.

All of our staff adheres to VOC safety legislation. They are highly trained in the latest paint-spraying procedures and products so that they can give you the best advice on how to fulfil your needs. They are also fully insured and experienced in health & safety policies and risk assessment protocol. We at Riolett Industrial Coatings understand the need for work to be completed safely with speed and efficiency to prevent disruption of your business. This includes the availability of a cost-effective back-up solution. We believe that it is vital for your business to have the opportunity to continue with minimal disturbance and as stress-free as possible while your coatings are applied.

At Riolett Industrial Coatings, we ensure that all of our work is carried out in controlled conditions to minimise exposure to odours. We carefully choose products, such as water-based chemicals and use techniques to help prevent this, for example, screening off areas and using rollers to apply the product. This way we can give you high-quality service, but with as little inconvenience and discomfort as possible.

We provide top-quality products that cater for every need in the industry. This includes easy-clean and scratch resistant coatings, long life wash resistance that withstands high-pressure washing, chemical resistant coatings that can be disinfected/sterilised, flexible impact resistant finishes, food-safe coverings and surfaces that are resistant to mould growth, fungi or bacterial contaminants.

Communication is an essential priority for our company. We believe that through careful planning and consultation with clients we can provide you with the best solution keep you informed of progress, while at the same time reassure you that you have chosen trustworthy and reliable professionals. We can provide a full on-site survey and specification service, and references can be seen if required. If you would like to arrange this or would like any further information on the services that we can provide you, then please do not hesitate to call.

Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries you may have!