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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of questions we are most frequently asked if you don't find your question answered on this page, please contact us.

If my cladding is full of dents and holes can it be repaired to look like new?

Yes at Riolett Uk we have a specialist team who would repair and re spray the cladding to look like new.

Can you spray in any colour?

Yes, Riolett Uk can mix any colour you require.

What sort of cladding can be repaired?

At Riolett Uk we can repair any sort of cladding you may require

Does Riolett Uk work all year round?

Riolett Uk work 12 months of the year, but what you must keep in mind is we can only spray in temperatures above 5 degrees in the winter months.

Does Riolett Uk charge to do on site surveys?

Riolett Uk always try to price jobs over photos, Google earth and in most cases on site surveys will take place free of charge.

Does Riolett Uk cater for Cut Edge Corrosion Repairs?

Yes Our company provides specialist Cut Edge Corrosion Repairs and coatings

Will I get a guarantee if I go ahead with the work?

Yes Riolett Uk supply a 25 year guarantee on all cladding coatings and 10 years on shop fronts.If the paint on your building is in a bad state we would recommend you to have it removed before our Coatings is applied as we can only guarantee our paint not the paint under it.please asked for cost when asking for a quote.All Terms of our paint will be sent to you when you receive your 25 year Certificate

Will I need to get my cladding cleaned down before I get you to go ahead with the repair and spraying work?

Yes in most cases, and this can be done though Riolett Uk’ s sister company